The African Journal of Current Medical Research (AfriJCMR), an international peer reviewed online medical journal was started in January 2016 by the African Current Medical Research Limited. We are primarily set up in Kumasi, Ghana but have collaborators in other African countries, Europe and the United States.

The journal has been established to emanate and lead research in Africa and across the world. This team of medical professionals and experts collaborate to enhance the development of research. All articles of the AfriJCMR are published online on our website https://www.afrijcmr.org. Published articles will be available in the form of a combination of open access and subscription based formats. 

In accordance with provisions of the Data Protection Act, 2012 (Act 843) to protect the privacy of the individual and personal data by regulating the processing of personal information, the Publishers (African Current Medical Research Limited) are registered with the Data Protection Commission with Registration ID: DC17070000864A.

The ISSN of the journal is 2579-0242

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to serve as global leaders in advancing medical research. We are committed to providing current and relevant medical knowledge to our readers. Our mission is to promote research, training at and capacity building across African and beyond. We seek to provide information that will enhance decision-making in the field of practice. We provide service for doctors, clinical scientist, medical laboratory professionals, pharmacists, nurses and all aspect of medicine.

Our Core Values

  • we are open and transparent to all the people we serve
  • we are objective and balanced in our decision-making
  • we uphold ethical and moral principles in research
  • we are dedicated and committed to all clients
  • we are show fairness and relevance in our judgments
  • do all things to the best of your ability

Journal Impact

As a budding journal, the impact being envisaged is increased evidence based medicine in Africa and a critical mass of researchers probing and interacting with each other to promote health in Africa and the world.


The journal is managed by a team of professionals making up AfriJCMR publishing team. This consists of leading clinicians, clinical researchers, biostatisticians, information technology experts and medical photographers.

In January 2015, a team of medical professionals met under the auspices of the African Current Medical Research Limited and decided setting up a leading medical journal in Africa to enhance evidence based medicine in all aspects of the health discipline. We seek to reach out to all African countries and other continents.

We provide a platform where health practitioners in different disciplines of medicine can interact and share knowledge. We want to advance medical research in areas such as infectious disease, psychiatry, public health, obstetrics, oncology, haematology, neurology, cardiology and many others. We believe that there are a lot gaps in the area of research in Africa and we seek to improve upon the existing research systems on the continent.